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Booked Till End of July. We will re open for new orders in August 2024
Wholesale Inquiry + Plus Custom Order

Our products are crafted by hand with love and attention to detail, inspired by nature and it’s magic. We believe in nature and its immense ability to heal and nourish us. As such, our products are thoughtfully formulated and filled with skin loving ingredients – exotic, nourishing and soothing cold pressed plant oils, botanically infused oils and extracts, fruit juices and powders, herbs, honey, milk, essential oils and so much more. The ingredients we use are carefully sourced, organic wherever possible and with intention. We formulate products taking into consideration their various benefits.

​​Please note the lead time for custom / wholesale cold process soap bars in general is approxiimately 5 to 7 weeks for your order to be completed and shipped out to you. This is due to the time taken to cure / dry cold process soaps before they can be wrapped and shipped. This process cannot be rushed .


If you’re interested in our thoughtful offerings,  please reach out to us in the form below

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