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What are lovely customers are saying..

Sweet Words

"I gifted the Juicy Orange Bars and the Breakfast Bars and omg, they were a  instant hit. Everyone loved the fragrances. My Dad refuses to have a bath with any other soap now. I have been asked to  buy at least a minimum of 6 soaps of Juicy Orange for only him."

- Suman Goyal

"Loved every soap that I bought. Romance  is so gorgeous. The fragrance and everything about it I loved. Does not strip my skin. The soaps lather well . I will be ordering more for gifting soon. Keep a few bars of Romance aside for me."

- Priya

"Received my order. I love un packing your boxes because it fills the room with a burst of fresh scents. And the lovely details on the packing really shows how much effort goes into them. I love the crinkled shredded paper cushion, the tissue cover and of course you always send mini soaps which I always use first. I love everything at first glance. I am sure I'll love them more once I start to use them."

- Jyothi J 

"I love love juicy orange. I used that on my birthday. Started using from that day. The best fragrance ever."

- Anju

"My parched skin has been enjoying butterscotch. It just tackles all my dryness and makes my skin glow. Nothing has helped my skin so much. And I love the soothing fragrance. Honey Milk soap is just simply amazing. Its working wonders for my dry skin. One can see the amount of milk by just using it. I will now stick to this soap forever." 

- Komal Jain

"Juicy Orange is very refreshing and organic. Loved it. " 

- Shikha Gupta

“Your breakfast bars are amazing. I was suffering from Keratosis Piliaris on my arms and its vanished ever since I have started using your breakfast bars.”



“I loved chamomile lip balm. I had absolutely chapped lips last night. Applied a thick layer of this gem. It worked like magic."

- Nisha

Hey, I recently tried your soaps and fell in love with each of them that I had bought. They are gorgeously amazing in scent, texture and functionality. My husband loved the carrot maple soap, especially and is waiting for it to be restocked. The orange goat milk soap has been my favourite and I am looking forward to trying more varieties especially the banana breakfast bar. Permanently switching to your bars. Thanks much and all the best.


I fell in love of the natural scents of soap stories the very first time I tried it. It smells divine and the color blends are a treat to the eyes. I really appreciate the quality and aesthetic appeal of all the soaps. I would really want to illustrate for your labels or even for a limited edition bar.

- Bhargavi Mohan 

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