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Cleanse and detoxify with our Dead Sea Mud soap, enriched with mineral rich mud renowned for its natural cleansing properties.


Dead Sea Mud is known to help with an array of skin problems. The mud has skin rejuvenating and healing properties. The mud effectively cleanses and draws out impurities while tightening and toning the complexion, leaving your skin looking refreshed and revitalized. The bars are infused with fresh coconut water for its gentle cleansing ability. Coconut water is a hydrator and helps to keep skin blemish free and glowing.


The bars are formulated with our triple butter formula to clean skin gently without over drying. Suitable for normal, oily and acne prone skin.


Scented with anti bacterial Tea Tree and a touch of calming Lavender essential oils.


Dusted with Blue Jojoba Beads cause they look pretty and add character to  the soap top.





Fragrance Note: Woody, Herbal


Scent Strength: Medium


Weight: Approx.