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About Us

Soap Stories is a single women owned business offering handmade artisan cold process soaps , bath and body products. Bathing is the most simple but yet the most important ritual of my day. It invigorates my senses, brings a sense of calm and peace to my busy mind and refreshes me completely. Its making the mundane extraordinary and meaningful. The idea is to lose yourself in the stream of water, the textures and the fragrances. Make it a ritual worth making time for. 


Our products are simple, minimal but yet luxurious. They are made using high quality ingredients sourced from various parts of the world. Every product is made in small batches to ensure you get the freshest product. The soap bars are handmade using the ancient cold-process method and are carefully formulated to include  skin loving oils , nourishing butters  and various other addictive's to  make our soaps nourishing, gentle and with a luxurious lather. Nourishing soaps with soothing fragrances to make bath time into a calming daily ritual.

Our skin care range are a blend of Earth Clays, Raw Fruits, Soothing Flowers, Herbs, Grains, Plant Extracts, Honey, Cold Pressed Oils, Pure Essential Oils and many other exotic, exciting, skin nourishing and healing ingredients. Every product is made with a lot of soul.

​We truly hope you love enjoy using all our products as much as we enjoy making them.

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